Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Time with my granddaughter

This past weekend I had a late Christmas celebration with my oldest son and his family.  We stayed busy with my granddaughter going to birthday parties, swimming class, a zoo, and more.  I absolutely love being a grandmother!

The birthday party for one of my granddaughter's nursery school classmates was held at a day care center.  They rented the facility -- which was a great idea!  There was a lot for the 15 or 20 kids to do.  It was loud and a free for all, but fun for the kids!

Swimming class....

The zoo....

Friday, January 12, 2018

School Forest Snowshoe

Even though it was only 10 degrees outside, Lois and I headed over to the school forest for a snowshoe.  Everything was coated with white snow!  It was beautiful.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

First big winter outing and picnic

Yesterday temperatures finally were in the 20s, so friends, Jamey and Lois, and I decided to head out for our first winter outing.  East of town we snowshoed in over an hour and found a place along a river where we found a downed log we could sit on.  It was not easy to collect enough dry wood, since most of it was buried under three feet of snow, but we managed.  On the menu was soup, Italian sausage, hard boiled eggs, and carrots.  The dogs also enjoyed it very much.  It was Beaver's first big winter outing (he is 11 months old).  In total we were out for six hours!  Thanks for a wonderful day.

Heading out....

Beaver really liked the deep snow!

Pictures along the way...

Parts of the route were not easy!

You can see the river in the background.  We set up on a bank above the river.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Coast Guard Point Photos

To celebrate getting most of my accounting and tax preparation done yesterday, late in the day I ventured out into the weather.  Since the wind chill temperatures were in the negative teens, I doubled and tripled layers, covered up completely, put my snowshoes on, and headed out to the beach at the end of Coast Guard Point.  It was between lake effect bands so I was able to get some photos.

I had to park over near the Coast Guard station since the parking lot was not plowed.  Once I got to the parking lot area, I stayed clear of the ice.

Once I snowshoed over the first dune, I took the following picture looking west.

From the first dune, looking north you can barely see the outer harbor lighthouse due to the height of the shelf ice.  The shoreline looks more like February than early January.

Looking east...


As I headed west, there was a gap in the shelf ice that gave me a better view of the outer harbor lighthouse.

Shelf ice with crashing wave...

Inner harbor lighthouse...

Yesterday I signed an art commission contract to make a large agate window.  The photo below is a mock-up of the 77 inch by 10.5 inch window.  TO be more accurate in my estimate, I decided I had to do this mock-up so I could count and price the agates.  The length of this agate window will be a challenge, but I'm up to the task!